Our Services

Advisory & Consultancy

We provide advice and consultation for all kinds of tax matters. We have a well-experienced and specialized staff who can provide legal and practical advice on any tax issue.

Planning & Compliance

We undertake all kinds of tax planning and compliance work while saving your time to focus on your core operations. We provide on-going support for compliance at very affordable rates.

Dispute Handling & Resolution

We support you on all types of disputes with the revenue authorities, be it assessments or general inquiries. With our experience, we can help you resolve the disputes efficiently and effectively.

What We Can Do

Registration for taxes

We can advise and or prepare the documentation necessary for the registration for any type of taxes with the revenue authorities.

Deregistration from taxes

If you need to cancel any of your tax registrations due to any reason, still we can advise and handle the deregistration process for you.

Filing of annual tax returns

We can file income and other annual tax returns with the Inland Revenue Department. 

Recurring tax payments and return filing

We undertake regular tax payments and return filing for taxes such as VAT, NBT, ESC, etc.

Representation of the clients at revenue authorities

We represent clients at the revenue autorities for any matter including inquiries, assessments, etc.

RAMIS support & training

We provide staff training and support on the use of the Revenue Administration Management Information System (RAMIS) introduced by the Inland Revenue Department.

Transfer pricing documentation

We can provide assistance and guidelines to prepare and maintain the necessary transfer pricing documents that can be produced at revenue authorities.

Double taxation advice

We advise on the double tax treaties that can be effectively utilized to minimize tax liabilties.

Still Have Questions?

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